We are very satisfied with the product and the sales process and especially satisfied with the quality, which is second to none.

Aleš Š.

We are satisfied with the waste enclosure, as well as with the whole purchasing process. We have planted the roof of the enclosure and now we enjoy every sight of it.

Branka J.

I am very satisfied with the purchasing process, the installation and the flexibility. Very high quality delivery by real, top quality craftsmen. The sales people are also very friendly. The product is top quality and by far the most beautiful around. The various imitations of DUKIN cannot compare to the original.

Mojca M.W.

I am very happy with the outdoor kitchen. It allows me to cook outside, so I don’t have to heat up the indoors during the hot summer period.

Alja Z.

I am very satisfied with the product and happy that it is a Slovenian product.

Ida P.

After one year of use of outdoor kitchen CookOUT client is very happy with the design and usabillity.

Uroš & Alja

With the help of advisers, we customised the product to our wishes and taste. The product exceeds our expectations, and therefore we are truly happy to have it. They are the only contractor/supplier in the building construction that has done its job flawlessly.

Martin L.

We are not only very pleased with StyleOUT®, but very very pleased.

Ksenija K.

We are very pleased with the enclosure, because it is not only useful, but also aesthetically perfected, as Dukin has listened to our wishes and taste.

Natalia Š.

A professional team offering professional products. Very commendable. The waste container enclosure is an excellent decoration for the house’s surroundings and an elegant solution to hide waste containers of different sizes and colours. In a word, really great!

Brigita G.