StyleOUT® bicycle sheds and pantries – for the perfect arrangement of your home or apartment building

Bicycle sheds and smaller pantries for storing various items such as:

  • prams and strollers,
  • a wheelbarrow,
  • a lawnmower,
  • bicycles …

StyleOUT® storage units are smaller than a woodshed, but just as functional, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.


A StyleOUT® storage or bike shed – the next thing on your home improvement list

The StyleOUT® STORE Mini outdoor storage is perfect for storing small items such as prams and garden tools.

Want to store your family’s bikes and other possessions? Then consider the larger StyleOUT® STORE Maxi outdoor storage.

The StyleOUT® GARAGE MIDI bike shed with lifting door is the right choice for those who want to store their bikes, scooters and other things outside but have limited space around the house.

Looking for a secure and beautiful bike storage for 6 bikes for your commercial building or apartment building? Then the  StyleOUT® BIKE bike shed with retractable roof could be the answer.

There is a solution for every taste and every need and StyleOUT® bike sheds and storage units are the answer.

StyleOUT® bike sheds and storage units are functional and designed according to the latest trends. We offer a wide range of different colours and looks that will blend in with your surroundings and can be selected and combined as you wish.


Custom bike sheds and storage units

Contact us and let us know what you want. Together with our experts, we will turn your vision into reality. Submit your inquiry here and we can start making your project a reality tomorrow.