Waste enclosures product line StyleOUT

Have you always wanted to have a dreamy and fantastically decorated home and your surroundings? Are you bothered by plastic garbage containers when looking at the beautifully landscaped surroundings? We have a simple but sophisticated solution to help you achieve your goals – Waste enclousersof the StyleOUT product line. The surroundings will be better arranged and the rubbish bins will be safely protected from the bad weather or potential vandalism.You can choose between waste container enclosures for households or business premises.

StyleOUT enclosures for personal use

Those designed for households provide a volume of 120L and 240L –StyleOUT 120/240L. Households use 120L and 240L waste containers, for which StyleOUT 120 / 240L is intended, which will meet the needs of classic waste containers.


For a large volume of waste, opt for StyleOUT 770/1100, which encloses two or three large waste containers with up to 1100L of volume.The StyleOUT 770/1100 will suffice for the larger needs of larger families or larger residential buildings, as you can hide two or three large containers up to 1100L in volume.

Does the wind blow away your containers or do you have problems with vandalism? Do you live in an area of ​​severe weather conditions such as hard wind or in an area where you regularly face night vandalism, such as the surroundings of nightclubs? If this is the case, you should choose FixOUT, a mounting column for containers. Then the FixOUT container fixation column is the solution for you, which will ensure that your containers and waste will not spill and cause additional problems.

Are you passionate about technology and have little space available? The ideal solution in this case is the submersible HideOUT waste container. , which can be used as an immersion pantry, bicycle shed or just a bin. The smart immersion bin enables optimal use of outdoor surfaces, while at the same time protecting containers and preventing unpleasant odors. With a large selection of colors and imitations of wood, the bins are also suitable for installations in tourist areas and city centers.

StyleOUT bins for business use

For disposing of biowaste, we have developed a disposal unit for biowaste called BioBOX, which enables the proper disposal of such waste.