Why choose technical stone Dekton for your outdoor kitchen

We are delighted to announce that we will enrich our range of outdoor kitchens with a new countertop color – Dekton KOVIK.

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of over 20 minerals, sourced from nature. It is manufactured through a process of compression, wherein natural minerals and other components are compressed under high pressure and high temperature, creating an exceptionally dense, solid, and homogeneous material.


  • Resistant to abrasion (more scratch-resistant than granite or porcelain, making it highly suitable for use on outdoor surfaces).
  • Resistant to water and stains (Dekton boasts low porosity and is extremely resistant to water and stains, which can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning agents).
  • Resistant to temperature (due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, it is ideal for use in exposure to sudden temperature changes).
  • Resistant to UV rays (UV rays have no effect on Dekton. Its color does not fade over time).

 Technical stone Dekton in the KOVIK color

We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our latest countertop color. Design your dream outdoor kitchen with CookOUT®. Transform your patio into a culinary haven where you can hone your cooking skills on our countertops.

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