How to prepare your outdoor kitchen for Winter?

Outdoor kitchen, Balcony kitchen

With winter and cold temperatures slowly approaching, it is important to empty all the plumbing in your CookOUT® outdoor kitchen.

1. Close the water supply to the kitchen and open the pressure relief valve at the lowest point. This will allow water to drain from the pipes and tap.

2. If you have a switch tap, you can remove the chrome-plated pipe by unscrewing the nut at the end of the pipe.

3. Use a compressor (no more than 2 bar) or a hand pump to pressurise the tap. Important: apply overpressure in both tap positions (hot and cold). This will make sure that all the water is removed from inside the tap.

4. If your kitchen has a siphon, empty it. Ask the installer who connected your kitchen for advice.

Visual instructions: