Regulated environment without visible waste collectors

The line of products HIDEOUT ensures a unique solution which embellishes the surrounding of your house, business area or tourist facility. The waste collectors are removed from the surface and hidden in the ground. The products Hideout can be installed in many ways, so we try to find the most appropriate solution for every customer, based on their needs and desires.  A special advantage of the product Hideout is that your existing waste collectors are used in the installation.

Lifting the waste containers is fully automatic

The containers become available by pressing a key on the remote controller.

Save money

From now on waste disposal will be your domain, because the access without the remote controller is impossible. Consequently, you will pay only the removal of your waste.

Without an unpleasant smell

A very important feature of Hideout products, beside aesthetics, is the installation method. It prevents the spread of unpleasant smell. From now on you will enjoy the view as well as the fresh air.





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