A press for tin cans to the volume of 10 L

PackPRO 050 is a press intended to reduce the volume of tin cans. It is suitable for smaller pizza restaurants as well as bigger restaurants – it takes up a small amount of space and it is very easy to use. The outside and inside of the device is made of stainless steel, which enables easy cleaning and long life. The press is an independent unit and the container can be mounted under it, enabling an even easier waste handling.

Reducing the volume of waste by 80%

The packaging waste press PackPRO 050 enables the reduction of the waste volume by 80%. The volume is reduced at the starting point, so it allows subsequent separation in recycling centres.




A professional solution for compression packing

PackPRO 100 is a compact universal press suitable for professional users. It can be mounted in the kitchen between other units. It is made of stainless steel and due to its sophisticated design it fits well with other units.

Easy cleaning and handling

Cleaning of the device PackPRO 100 is very easy, because all components are dish washer safe. The packaging is inserted manually and individually. The size of the pressing part depends on the type of product.

Reducing the volume of waste by 80%

The packaging waste press PackPRO 100 provides volume reduction of waste by 80%. The volume is reduced at the source, so it can be subsequently separated in recycling centres. The device enables the compression of tin cans, cartons and plastic bottles (subsequent expansion prevented), which otherwise take up a lot of space.  The compressed waste automatically falls into the basket bellow, which is also a part of the device.






Universal stainless steel press for larger users

PackPRO 200 is a universal packaging waste press for larger users in a stainless steel version. It can easily process large amounts of waste.

Easy waste separation

Device PackPRO 200 enables easy separation of compressed waste which automatically falls in the container bellow and ensures optimal separation in Centres for Waste Management. In comparison with competing products, this press does not compress the waste into a ‘’cube’’, but provides a functional and sophisticated solution.

The option of upgrading the press with more containers

The press PackPRO 200 is the right choice for those who require a completely separate system of collecting waste, where each type of packaging waste is collected separately.  It is possible to upgrade it with several containers, which are mounted under the press. This way you will save a lot of time and space and ensure optimal waste handling. The volume of waste can be reduced by 80%.



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