Reduce the amount of cardboard packaging

Cardboard packaging takes up a lot of space and handling cardboard is very difficult. Classic handling with cardboard packaging requires cutting, stacking and transporting, which costs a lot of time.

Revolution in handling cardboard packaging

In comparison with a classic piston press, which requires a lot of manoeuvring, CardboxPRESS 200 ensures modern and easy handling with cardboard package. The main feature of the product is a fully optimized process of recycling, because you simply put the box into the device, start the cycle and the work is done. A classic piston press also takes up a lot of space. And in the end, the waste must be tied into bales and the press emptied. CardboxIN 200 requires none of that. You save time and space. The result is an automatically linked white bale of cardboard, easy to transport because of its size and weight.

Compactness and simplicity of use

The advantage of the press CardboxPRESS 200 is also its size. Contrary to large classic piston presses it can be placed in every room. It is also completely safe and easy to use. Furthermore it is also environment-friendly, because it is not powered by oil.





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