Reduces the volume of waste by 80%

A press line for waste management PackHOME is the right choice for households, smaller professional users (bars) or offices.

Presses PackHOME provide compression of packaging waste (tin cans, plastic bottles, cartons) in an easy and modern way and help reduce the volume of waste by 80%.

Elegant design and easy to use

The universal compactor or the press PackHOME is distinguished by a modern design which will blend in with your kitchen, and the press is also designed to be:

  • built-in in the kitchen worktop which can serve as a shelf
  • built-in in the kitchen drawer.

Easy to clean

All components of the device, which come in contact with waste, are removable and can be washed in the dish washer.

Easy to separate

Press PackHOME enables individual compaction and separation in waste recycling centres. The use of the press is easy. The packaging waste is simply inserted into the device and then chosen the desired mode of operation.

The device enables the pressing of cans, tin cans, plastic bottles and cartons and in addition  the plastic bottles don’t expand afterwards and maintain the compressed shape.









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