Would you like to optimize waste handling?

In public foundations the amount of waste can be predicted, since the frequency of people does not change much, but waste storage and proper handling is still a challenge. This often requires a lot of time and is a cause for bad mood of employees. Inconsiderable is also the fact that waste handling costs a lot of money.

The most common waste in public institutions is waste packaging, cardboard and biological waste. Fortunately, innovative solutions for all kinds of waste are now available, which besides saving space ensure easier waste handling and thus save money and increase comfort.

Dukin innovative solutions are appropriate for all kinds of public institutions:

  • schools,
  • kindergartens,
  • hospitals,
  • retirement homes,
  • boarding schools.

Find customized solutions and check the products Dukin Outdoor, Dukin Professional or Dukin Industry.

More information about suitable products can be found at:



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