Company Dukin, the development of environmentally friendly equipment Ltd. was established at the end of year 2011 with the purpose of contributing to sustainable development in the field of ecological solutions.

Its founders are Matej Rajh and Miha Horvat.

We are dealing with the development and production of equipment for solving the problems of waste in households, tourist facilities, hospitals, etc. Our vision is to become a leading provider in Europe as well as globally.

Our products and solutions are characterized by a high degree of innovation, which is converted into ecological solutions of the future. These are based on reducing the volume of waste and thus significantly contributing to smaller pollution.

Our purpose is to raise environmental awareness, but at the same time offer simple ecological solutions, which in addition to waste management, increase the living comfort. 



The name comes from a Latin word DUX (to be a leader) and letters of a word INOVATIONS, which reflects our vision to be a leading provider in the field of distribution solutions for waste management. All are constantly striving to raise standards and present the market with innovative solutions, which contribute to the care for the environment and at the same time provide simplicity and comfort.

A hallmark of the company Dukin Ltd. consists of a symbol and a logo. The symbol is connected with the first letter of the company’s name D, which is intertwined in an infinite loop that illustrates the connection of elements in nature, recycling materials and cooperation. The green colour symbolizes the connection with nature and purity of the environment.





To lift standards in the field of waste management in households, tourist and commercial buildings and produce new global trends of new age, simple and discrete waste management.


Our mission is to facilitate handling of waste for the user and contribute to ecological solutions of waste management by reducing the volume of waste. We are also trying to contribute to sustainable development with new principles of solving problems of waste management by advanced devices and promotion.


Environmental friendliness – ecological approaches from the first ideas to withdrawing the products from use.

Freedom of creation - creativity of an individual is reflected in the continual introduction of new improvements.

Precision – products are carefully designed and manufactured.

Credibility –partnerships are built on trust and respect.

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